Interpreting Services

Interpreter Greek Dutch

I am an official interpreter and I am listed in the Register of offical interpreters and translators (Rbtv) of the Legal Aid Council (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand) that is charged by the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security with the implementation of the Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act (Wbtv). I provide interpreting services from Modern Greek to Dutch and from Dutch to Modern Greek. The service can consist of simulatneous or consecutive interpreting. A translation on sight can be part of this service. This is an oral translation of a written text that comes up during a conversation and is relevant to the course of the conversation.
I work for private individuals as well as for companies, lawyers, notaries and government acengies, both for the courts and for the police and foreigners services.

Interpreter for every situation

As an interpreter I am the intermediary between people who do not speak each other’s language. I translate short interventions of one to two sentences without notes and in both directions. I can be deployed as a conversation interpreter for communication between people who do not or do not have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language and companies, the government, schools and care providers, e.g. during conversations between doctor and patient or between notary or lawyer and client, but also between employer and employee.
Interpretion can be done in two ways: simultaneous and consecutive. Depending on the situation, I will choose the most suitable form. In simultanous interpreting, I listen to the source language and translate to the target language at the same time (e.g. in court or at international summits). In consecutive interpreting, I listen to part of the message in the source language and wait for a pause to then translate the piece of text into the target language (e.g. in one-on-one interviews, witness statements, job interviews, training and press conferences).
An interpretation service can take place on location or by telephone or via Skype or#Teams.


I charge an hourly rate for interpreting services. Please contact me for more information or a quote.